Agile Coach / Delivery Manager


  •  I've worked in financial, logistics, game, consulting and medical domains.
  • My biggest challenge was AAA-class highload online games as I didn’t have relevant experience in scaling scrum at that time. For such complex systems we had numerous dependencies and every time we had to integrate with other departments/offices, so we had to wait for a long time before starting work.  Anyway, we succeeded in moving organization to agility. Our department grew three times bigger in two years and we established great processes. 

  • The most inspiring work I’m proud of was in medical sphere, because we delivered software that changed people's lives. 


  • I want to create great products with high-performance teams. So, key factors are people in a company and the value we deliver to the world.

  • I prefer not to work with gambling, tobacco, alcohol spheres.

English: Fluent

Location: Kyiv only. Open for business trips.

Remote/onsite: In my practice, the best teams are collocated and I have the possibility of being physically with them. Of course, I also have experience of working with non-collocated and/or dispersed teams/groups.

Full-time/part-time: both options are OK

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  • Уровень:Senior
  • Зарплата:$6K
  • Страна:Ukraine
  • Локация:Kyiv
  • Тип:Part-time / Onsite / Full-time