Engineering Manager / Technical Program Manager / Head of Office

Stack: Engineering management, Technical Program Management. 

  • AI: data science / signal processing / machine learning / NLP  

  • Hands-on (PoC’s, code reviews, not a production level): Python (general); Python (data science, signal processing, machine learning, NLP), Numpy, SciPy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, Pandas, NLTK, etc.; Node.js; MATLAB.

Helping the teams on general architecture, problem solving level:

  • Architecture: microservices, layered, event-driven

  • Data streaming pipelines

  • Apache Spark, Flink

  • AWS


Domains: Voice/Natural Language Processing; Subscription and Billing systems; CAD/CAM, distributed data warehouses for PCB manufacturing ; Complex web applications and CMSs for consumer and enterprise.

Management challenges:

  • Substituted "just-pick-what-we-can" backlog handling with a projectized OKR-driven process. The teams can now balance external demand with technical debt confidently pursuing multiple goals. They were reaching 80%+ OKR completion rate consistently during recent months. 

  • Integrated previously siloed development team of 12  in Ukraine with Scrum teams in the U.S. and Europe. Almost everybody started to communicate across the ocean regularly and increased productivity. 

  • Persuaded a big international customer to move a program of 32 engineers to another city with a lower workforce cost to meet their new financial goal. Handled complex logistics, particularly, an exam collocating 30 developers requested by the customer at a third location. Negotiated the change successfully.

Technical challenges:

  • Volunteered and created a question-answering machine for company policies. The main requirement was that this system should not have a need of training by subject matter experts with 80%+ accuracy. Programmed a PoC  in Node.js and Python.

  • Ideated and designing currently a solution for finding on-street vacant parking using probabilistic and other ML methods. It excels top solutions and can quickly and cost-effectively achieve global coverage. Organized a team  that developed a PoC with 1000+ active Google Play users at the moment. Designing personally a probabilistic algorithm (a PoC) and full-fledged model using Figaro language

  • Devised a solution for selling goods and services by matching NLP-parsed requests sent via IMs with ontological descriptions of such. Gathered a team of students, helped them defend 4 BSc, MSc theses. 

    • Created a concept of parsing IM messages to discover intent of buying product or services using Stanford Malt (dependency) parser, and a PoC. It’s somewhat similar to 

    • Designed the overall system architecture to match the parsed descriptions with ontological descriptions of products and services in GoodRelations format

    • Created an Apache Solr-based storage of product and service descriptions, and matching them with IM-parsed data using Siren Solutions’s twig queries

Search priorities: 

  • Role: 1) Engineering Manager 2) Technical Program Manager 3) Head of Office in a startup.

  • Company: 1) A mature international product company/startup 2) An investor-backed startup, 15+ people to help it grow and come to the next funding round


  1. Kyiv

  2. The EU: Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden

  3. The U.S.: Boston area, Seattle

  4. Canada

English: fluent

Salary expectations: $5.9K - 6.5K (gross), In case of stock/fantom options trade-offs are possible.

Рекомендуем за бонус - 50% от ЗП кандидата за 1 месяц. Половина суммы при выходе кандидата, половина при прохождении ИС.

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  • Уровень:Senior
  • Зарплата:$5.9K+
  • Страна:Ukraine
  • Локация:Kyiv
  • Тип:Onsite / Full-time / Remote
  • Relocate:Relocate abroad

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