We know 21025 :) IT professionals
And they know us
We are searching fast
We find the best

Important and special:

  • we work with companies that are spiritually alike and appreciate people, so IT professionals trust us
  • we have a very personal approach to each and every person, and we keep in touch with most of the best people of the market, whose contacts are not public
  • we ask a lot of questions about your company, team and job to find the right person for you
  • we value our and your reputation, and therefore our communication on your behalf with each candidate is always high quality
  • we give clear, transparent status reports and information on the communication history of each candidate for your position
  • we close the position within 2-5 weeks, depending on its complexity and how quickly you react to our candidates' summaries
  • we get replies from those candidates who do not answer other recruiters
  • we form the list of potential candidates' profiles (our base + networking + recommendations of people we trust + other public and private sources)
  • we write all candidates from this list about your vacancies
  • we communicate in details with those who are interested, tell them about you, they ask questions, we clarify what is important for both sides
  • we write detailed summaries on candidates who, to our opinion, fit and send you the information on them, together with the summary
  • if everything is OK for all sides on this stage, we assign the interview
  • at the same time we continue replenishing the list of potential candidates, adjusting the search if necessary (if we can see that the market's reaction to the position is too modest, we analyze the causes of such behavior)

We work exclusively with no other recruiting contractors. This is beneficial because:

  • you are guaranteed to get a summary of 1-3 qualified candidates in the first week of work
  • you do not need to work with stop-lists from several recruitment agencies and respond to their letters and phone calls
  • in our experience, there are not so many candidates who consider the proposals. And running several agencies, we just rock the market by offering the same position to the same people

And yes, we create your company brand by working on each of your positions with love :-)