Hello everyone!

We are looking for a COO for Binary Studio. More info in the form of Q&A below.

Who are we and what are we doing?

Binary Studio is a world-class advanced application development company for small and medium-sized companies in the USA, Europe and Scandinavia. The tech stack is wide, but most of the applications we write are in JS, NodeJS, .NET, and PHP. We are not limitimg ourselves to business domains, among those we work with are e-learning, sports and media, travel, wellness, real-estate, fintech industries.

Today, the company has 2 offices (Lviv and Kiev). We plan to open a third one in Kharkiv by the end of autumn 2020.

Our distinctive feature is the Binary Studio Academy - an annual online bootcamp for students. This is what makes Binary Studio Academy different from other IT courses:

  • Very intensive competition for admission: in 2020 we have 5300 applicants, of which we enrolled about 150.
  • High entry threshold. Thanks to a large competition, we have the opportunity to select the best and most talented students. Often, in order to prepare and enter the Academy, students complete courses from Epam, SoftServe or paid analogues.
  • The training is very intensive (students spend 8-12 hours a day) and is free of charge for them. It lasts 2.5 months, the main focus is project development from scratch in teams under the mentorship of coaches.

More than half of the company's employees annually participate in the preparation and operation of the Academy. About 70% of Binarians have graduated from the Academy in the previous 10 years of its existence. The Academy allows us not only to train those we hire ourselves, thereby setting a high technical level for entering the company, but also to form an "always a student" culture and a giving philosophy. Binarians who graduated from the Academy with great pleasure become lecturers and coaches themselves.

What will you need to do?

To develop the company together with top management:

  • Increase company size to 300+ people in 2022.
  • Develop and manage the Academy, increase the % of employees hired from the Academy, and increase the student funnel in the Academy, respectively.
  • Manage both operational and HR activity of the entire company: development of corporate policies and strategies, search, retention and development of employees.
  • Management of all offices of the company + opening of new offices.
  • Determine together with the team KPIs for departments, managers, the company as a whole.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Recruitment, Onboarding, Retention
  • Functioning of Lviv, Kiev and Kharkov offices
  • Managing People Operations team
  • Academy: preparation, PR campaign and running the Academy
  • Internal and external communication

What professional competencies (skills) are important to us?

Leadership, experience in team management, understanding of the basics of behavioral psychology, HR Marketing

What else would be important to us in this person?

Our entire team is always involved in the decision-making process, we encourage to show initiative, the team has a certain freedom of action. The COO needs to always know in detail who is working on what, what progress is being made on projects, who needs help with prioritization or additional motivation.

Is English required and at what level?

Upper-Intermediate or advanced.

How old is the company?

The company was founded in 2005, we are 15 years old.

Prospects and plans of the company / product.

Our goal is to grow to 300 people by the end of 2022. To do this, we need to form a strong team and prepare all processes for scaling.

Why was the position opened?

The current COO, after 8 years in the company, decided to leave.

The size and structure of the company? How many people are in direct reporting?

  • The company has
  • People Operations (HR and HR Assistant in Kiev; Senior HR, HR Assistant, Recruiter, Office admin, in Lviv)
  • Business Development (Inbound Sales Manager, Outbound Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, in the future also Senior Project Manager)
  • Delivery (3 Tech Leads)

As per the working conditions:

Is there a trial period and how long does it last? 6 months

Overtimes, how often, what is the approach to payment? Overtimes are a rarely necessity.

What is the work schedule? Flexible, but maximum overlap with the team is desirable.

Is it possible to work remotely some days? We can consider.

Number of vacation days? 19 + 10 weekends on public holidays.

Number of paid sick days per year? There is no sick leave limit.

Is there a prospect of business trips, and where? To cities that have or will have offices.

Is relocation outside Ukraine possible and how is the company ready to support it? In case we open an office abroad.

What sitting is there in your office? Open or closed? Mixed.

Social package (medical insurance, other)? Budget for training, a large number of events (corporate parties, joint outings, tabletop evenings, Eurotrip, etc.).

Office adress? Lviv - Chornovola, Kiev - Klovsky descent.

As per the appliction process:

Is there a test task? Yes.

Interview in English? No, but during the interview we will suggest discussing a few questions in English.

Who is reviewing the resume? CEO, current COO

How many stages of the interview with whom? Interview with CEO, test task, possibly interview with COO

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.