Senior Backend Engineer

Hi everyone!

We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer for Layer.

More info in the form of Q&A below.

What do we do?

The project is a collaborative and fully extensible data platform that makes data science accessible to companies of all sizes by enabling them to trust, collaborate on, and leverage their data for impactful insights and data driven business logic and decisions.

We are an early-stage startup, and we are looking for enthusiastic engineers who share the startup culture with its mobility, agility and team spirit.

Why do we do it?

In order to make data-driven decisions, you need to trust your data. And to trust your data, you need SSoT (Single Source of Truth) practice in your data organization. Implementing this practice is only possible in a collaborative data platform, by building reliable, uniform and reusable/reproducible pipelines.

How we are (as a company/project) different from others?

All remote culture as we aspire to work with the best talent, no matter where they live. We firmly believe that exceptional companies can only be built by exceptional people, who are passionate about their work, grounded, achieve more with less, full of grit, challenge themselves and their team relentlessly to do better, and have radical candor. Our team and culture is paramount to all else.

How old is the project? What is the current stage of the project?

Founded less than a year ago.

How do we do it? (what technologies we use, etc.)?

We favor and support open-source.

We mainly use Java in the backend with some Scala/Python/GraphQL and TypeScript on the frontend (with Blueprint JS as our design toolkit/system).

Kubernetes & Terraform & AWS & CircleCI are important parts of our stack and deployment model.

Which professional skills are important to us?

  • Significant experience in building services with Java (Senior, Architect, Lead levels).
  • Rock-solid engineering background in Software Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics.
  • Strong knowledge of data structures & algorithms.
  • Having built ML or data science platforms, a deep understanding of distributed systems, experience with Kubernetes, open-source contributions to relevant, important projects are all great-to-haves.

What would I have to do?

Your mission in this role is to design and build features for our backend systems that enable ML and Data Science teams. On top of that, you will be providing data and service interfaces to enable third-party developers to develop custom components that can run seamlessly in our system. To achieve this, you will be part of all stages of product development from idea-generation to shipping.

Is English required?

The level of English is extremely important as there will be constant communication in the English speaking environment. The desired level is not lower than the Upper Intermediate.

What would be important for us in this person?

  • Strong communication skills in this multi-national open environment.
  • Skills to work independently and make decisions with minimal supervision.
  • Interest in working in a dynamic environment with dynamic objectives.

Why is there a vacant position?

Growth and development of the project

What are the growth/development opportunities in this position?

We are not looking for candidates with proven managerial skills at the moment, since you plan to develop the product actively first.

What are the size and structure of the team? How many testers/developers are there in the team?

For the time being our team consists of 12 people, including 2 Co-founders, several engineers of Middle to Senior level (including Frontend and DevOps), 1 Designer, and 1 Junior engineer.

Where are the people who make technical decisions about the project (location)?

UK, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, Bulgaria and will be more :)

What interesting activities do we do (as a company) for the community (events, community support, etc.)?

We are aiming to create a collaborative platform for data scientists. Having conducted 70+ customer validation interviews, we've came up to a conclusion that the way Data Science works is very isolative, so we want to make something like Figma in Data Science. Currently, many companies are putting effort on data engineering, but not in Data Science.

As per the working conditions:

  • Is there a trial period and how long does it last? - Yes, 1 month.
  • Overtimes, how often, what is the approach to payment? - Depends on sprints. This is a startup, and there is a high probability that there will be overtimes. Overtime payment is not yet provided, but the compensation package can be discussed in an interview
  • What is the work schedule? - We currently prefer teammates to be within UTC until UTC + 5.
  • Is it possible to work remotely some days? - Fully remote workstyle, work anywhere.
  • The number of vacation days? - 20 days a year.
  • Is there a prospect of business trips, and where? - Business trips are not provided because the nature of the project is remote. However, the company plans to bring the entire team together several times a year.
  • Social package (medical insurance, other): Equity plan, highly competitive salary (above-market rates).

As per the application process:

  • Is there a test task? - There is no test item. The stages of the interview are as follows: a short introductory call, a technical interview (several hours), and at least one interview with the founder and possibly someone of the team.
  • Interview in English? - All stages of the interview with the client described above will be held in English.
  • Who will review the resume? - Founders
  • How many stages of the interview, with whom? - Recruiter interview and all stages of client-side interview described above.

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.