Senior C++ Developer

Hi everyone!

We are looking for Senior C++ Developer for OPT/NET (remote).

What do we do?

We build AI-driven platforms that help our clients extract time-critical insights from massive volumes of data. OPT/NET developed Artificial Intelligence-driven anomaly detection platforms intended to bridge the gap between humans, big data, and technology in several mission-critical domains.

Why do we do it?

The data volumes grow exponentially and much faster than humans can process. With only less than 5% of collected data ever being processed there was no solution on the market before our company came on stage. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of more than 1 billion people on Earth in the next 5 years, and we have a story to prove it.

How do we do it?

Our patented process allows our platform to autonomously detect, fuze, cluster, and analyse complex patterns from any time-series data stream in real-time. We combine real space-worthy technology from European Space Agency with very advanced concepts in AI. Advanced mathematics, linear algebra and analytical geometry, quantum physics and wave mechanics all come to use in our products and our team of engineers is a very experienced group of individuals with a stellar track record and past achievements. Our technological partnerships with the European Space Agency and the University of Amsterdam create very fertile soil for improving our technology and building new knowledge.

What distinguishes our company/project from others? Why are we worth joining?

The company's platform successfully makes human operators more successful through the application of patented technology and homegrown proprietary AI methodology. We have live deployments in critical environments which autonomously analyse the streaming data and automatically group it into manageable actionable insights by providing a full visual and textual narrative for each anomaly, enabling our clients to react faster, smarter, and more effectively to every sign of trouble without missing a thing and avoiding costly errors and disastrous consequences.

The optimistic and pessimistic estimations of team/company growth for the nearest several years.

In the course of the COVID pandemy, the team of 10  has made tremendous commercial and technological progress and just exited the “stealth mode” and with secured funding is expected to grow exponentially in the next 3 years. With many customers lined up and projects scheduled for delivery in several key Big Data analytics markets OPT/NET has the ambition to become the next unicorn.

Always wondered that you missed out when the next unicorn was being made in a garage somewhere in Silicon Valley? This is the time… and the place is Dutch “Monterey”. Come and see for yourself and make your own future with your own hands by joining the team of like-minded professionals!

Which professional skills are important to us?

  • 5 years of working experience in a senior backend/system (Software) development position.
  • Should have had vast experience in software engineering and/or supporting large customer projects in Telecom or service provider market segments.
  • Experience in telecom OSS or Network management projects is desired.
  • Proven track record of consistent performance, ability to work autonomously and designing/developing complex software with high requirements for multi-threading and parallel execution.
  • Must be technologically adept and demonstrate outstanding computer and IT skills.
  • Good understanding of data modeling and IT architectures (e.g. Linux/Unix, Cloud and networked applications, streaming data, time series and relational DB, hardware-accelerated computing, server architecture, electronics, etc) for scalability.
  • Highly familiar with software implementation architectures as well as knowledge of a variety of programming languages such as C/C++, Perl and SQL.
  • Good experience in agile development practices and architectural knowledge of web-based, cloud and backend technologies.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or relevant field(s)
  • Communication skills both in written and verbal should be at a good level and able to produce high quality documentation and comments in the code.

Is English required?

Yes, advanced level.

What is important for us in this person?

A candidate for this position should also possess certain personal attributes. The candidate must be a team player and result-oriented, be creative and think out of the box, work comfortably in a highly collaborative and open environment, and will work comfortably in a constantly evolving environment. The candidate must also have a keen eye for detail, have a constant and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Reliability and attention to details, ability to work with a team of growing multicultural engineering organizations.

What do we specifically do in the project?

Solving the most complex streaming data problems in real time. Parallel processing, multidimensional streaming data processing with a broad set of AI methodologies in the field of telecom, security, critical infrastructures. We work with complex time series representing telemetry, logs, IoT measurements, spectral and radar satellite imagery, and any other types of streaming data.

Why is there a vacant position?

Funding was secured to fuel the growth into next 3 years with additional funding being prepared and new customers signing up the company is quite literally taking off, increasing demands on the engineering organisation.

What are the growth/development opportunities on given position?

The position will grow with our organisation. Possibilities to learn new skills and technologies, staying on the absolute edge of what is technologically possible. With increasing size of the team any aspirations could be addressed based on merit and contribution to the success of the company.

How big are the team and company and what is the structure?

Current engineering team size 5 arranged in 2 product lines and 3 functions in flat organization. Includes 1 PhD in AI.

To whom will the specialist directly subordinate?

Head of Engineering

How old is the project?

10+ years, proven track record distinguished with multiple prestigious product awards and nominations, including Copernicus Masters, XPrize, AIConics and others.

What is current stage of the project?

TRL7-9, shipping product, customer deployments but also ambitious and funded R&D efforts will continue.

Where are the people who make technical decisions about the project?

The Netherlands, local.

About the terms

  • Is there a probation term and for how long? 3 months, while in UA
  • Are the overtimes expected? What is the overtime policy? We are in a startup environment and we have to put the extra time in when required. We are open to find a reasonable way to compensate at another stage.  
  • Is it possible to work remotely on some days? Anywhere anytime as long as job is done exceeding all expectations of our valuable customers
  • Is there any prospect of business trips, and where? Possible trips in support of the customer projects, as well as attendance of the conferences.
  • What is work schedule? Usual working hours are between 9AM and 6PM CET
  • How many vacation days are there? 14 paid working days for the UA based employees
  • How many payed sick list days are there per year? 10 paid working days of sick leave with doctor’s affidavit per annum for the UA based employee
  • Is it possible to be relocated abroad and how company supports the relocation? Yes. Relocation to NL is optional, but possible and may be arranged in the future upon mutual decision.

According to the process

  • Is there a test task? -Yes, but not extensive
  • Is the interview going to be in English?
  • Part of the interviews will be in English
  • Who revises resume? CTO and Lead Developer, COO
  • How many stages of an interview are there? 2-3 stages, COO/CTO with Lead developers

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.