Additional services: pool of candidates, RPO, etc.

VP Team is not only about recruiting cool software developers. We help companies create their own database of candidates, conduct technical assessment of applicants, define recruitment strategy, or organization of all recruitment processes. We offer you support for all recruitment processes combined, or any process separately. More information about additional services of VP Team:

  • Pipeline of candidates for your vacancy

We research the market and create a list of the most suitable candidates for each of your vacancies. How it works?

We analyze the requirements of your vacancy, create an ideal candidate's profile, conduct active ssearch within 2-5 business days.

As a result, you save your time and resources and get a list of the most relevant candidates for your vacancy whom you can invite for an interview.

We offer pipelines in two formats:

Without collecting the response of the candidates:
25 profiles - 400 USD
50 profiles - 600 USD
100 profiles - 1000 USD
With collecting response of the candidates:
1000 USD + 5% in case of successful hiring of a candidate from our list

  • Technical screening

When hiring software developers, you may need third party assistance. We know many market experts in various technologies and areas, therefore, we created the Technical Screening service.

What is it about:

We offer several expert profiles with the experience you need. The specialist of your choice conducts technical screening with your candidates. You get a screening report with the expert's technical score. 

Cost: from 100 USD per hour depending on the level of specialist.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is another service of VP Team, when we partially or fully organize the entire process of searching and selecting employees for our clients.

When might a business need an RPO?

  • when a company needs to hire a large number of employees in a short time / for diverse positions / in different locations;
  • when launching a new product or project, especially when the employer’s brand is little familiar to candidates;
  • when there are no resources and expertise for the search and selection of personnel;
  • if the internal recruiting team is focused on other tasks.

What exactky can we help with?

  • We are developing a recruitment strategy;
  • We conduct search and screening of candidates, interview, test;
  • We organize the interview process on the client side;
  • We accompany the candidate on all stages of the interview before the offer;
  • Onboarding: introduce the candidate to the company, help with adaptation.

What does the company get as a result?

  • We will find employees at your request at the right time in the specified location;
  • Our team of recruiters integrates into your hiring process and conducts work under the employer's brand, helps to form and maintain a positive HR image of the company;
  • Access to all recruitment reporting;
  • Guaranteed closing of positions;
  • Lower operating costs;
  • The ability to manage company expenses at the business line or region level to reduce overall costs.

The cost of RPO is negotiated individually.

If you have any questions please contact our founder Vika Prydatko and we shall discuss all the details ?