Поиск Senior+ IT cпециалистов

Услуги подбора Senior developer от IT рекрутингового агентства VPteam. Поиск Senior+ IT cпециалистов. Находим кандидатов на должности Senior PHP developer, Senior Media Buyer. Резюме Senior developer.

Hiring IT specialists

The most common task we get is to find a developer. And coming to us is the right thing :) We shorten the search period from months to weeks and close the most difficult vacancies because we maintain relations with candidates when there are no offers available.

Your result of our cooperation is a closed vacancy and a good impression of the company among those with whom it did not work out this time.

Our processes are transparent and efficient. They are specifically designed to introduce to our clients up to 5 relevant candidates during the first month and, in case the candidates shall be processed by the client  in a timely manner, to close the vacancy within two months.

If you have any questions please contact our founder Vika Prydatko and we shall discuss all the details ?