Senior Fullstack Engineer

Hi everyone!

We are looking for a Senior Fullstack Engineer for the Caret Health product startup, remote.

Further - more, in the Q&A.

What are we doing?

Caret Health is a Silicon Valley-based early stage startup that provides a platform to increase clinical productivity for medical staff who perform virtual care. The platform enables virtual care programs to scale by reducing labor overhead and improving the ability to efficiently identify patients in need of treatment. 

We have already started to deploy our platform to the hospital systems in the US.

We are close to finishing our first financing round to make our product much better and impact so many lives.

Why are we doing this?

Our mission is to pioneer an outcomes-driven virtual care process that is easy to implement & efficiently connected. With our platform, fewer medical staff can take care of more people, which allows solving the problem of medical staff shortage today with such a high demand for them.

How are we as a company/project different from others? Why is it worth working with us?

  • The product has a real purpose influencing real people's lives. And you can become a part of it.
  • We have a good understanding of remote care processes, and we have a strong clinical team and very deep integration into medical organizations. 
  • Other virtual care products usually focus only on the patient experience. While this is fine for the first 50-100 patients, soon afterwards medical staff have a difficult time scaling these programs because their workloads become too burdensome. 
  • Our product, on the other hand, focuses on clinical operations and creating productive workflows that can efficiently scale to tens of thousands of patients. We have a team of clinical and operations staff that has unique experience and insights in solving this problem. For example, our clinical team pioneered one of the first virtual care programs in America in the early 2000’s. We have continuously refined and deployed our processes (albeit manually) across numerous hospital systems over the last 20 years - leading to successful scaling of these programs into hundreds of thousands of patients.
  • We are now looking to translate our clinical expertise into a robust, repeatable, and reliable technology platform that will be deployed into hundreds of hospital systems around the world.

What to do in the project?

Participate in the full-cycle development, testing, and deployment of Caret's cloud platform. There are a bunch of integrations you're going to deal with, like clinical and EHR systems, sales pipelines, telehealth chat solutions, video calls, trouble-shooting systems, building a lot of Data as an output in terms of reports, etc. Also, you'll work mainly on the product’s backend.

What professional skills are essential to us?

  • At least 3 years experience in Node.js backend development 
  • Experience leading development processes such as scrum and code reviews
  • Extensive knowledge of backend technologies such as Express and Nest
  • Familiarity with Typescript, Javascript, libraries, and frameworks (React)
  • Good understanding of data security
  • Familiarity or sufficient understanding of front-end technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3
  • Knowledge and experience working with AWS
  • Superb interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving aptitude
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information science, or similar

It'll be fantastic if you also have:

  • Experience with tools like Twilio, Sendgrid, PubNub, etc.
  • BI tools or any graph visualization.
  • Worked with 3d parties API layers.

Do you need English, and at what level?

Upper-Intermediate and higher. The primary language of communication in the company is English.

Why was the position opened?

Our company is growing, and experienced specialists are needed.

Team size and structure?

For now, we have a small team (about 10 ppl in total), but we are growing. The technical/product team composition is co-founders, two designers, a data engineer, and a software architect. So you can join the product at the early stage and make a huge impact on it. 

The conditions:

  • Is there a trial period, and how long does it last? - Trial period lasts 2 months.
  • Overtime, how often? -  Overtime is not anticipated with proper planning, but it does happen sometimes.
  • What is the work schedule? - Flexible working hours (most of the team is located in the US time zone. The ideal condition thus would be the intersection of at least 2 hours of the working time with colleagues, in terms of the Ukrainian time it's till 9-10 P.M).
  • Is it possible to work remotely? - It's a fully remote job.
  • A number of vacation days? - Unlimited vacation. The whole stake is on personal responsibility and your focus on a result.
  • Is there a prospect of business trips, and where? - Not foreseen soon.
  • Is relocation outside of Ukraine possible? - Not provided.
  • Social package (medical insurance, other): stock options. Also, we can provide the compensation of medical insurance and equipment if needed.

The process:

  • Is there a test task? - Yes.
  • Interview in English? - Yes.

How many stages of the interview?

  • Intro call with a recruiter (30 min)
  • 1 hour - Technical interview 
  • Technical assignment (1-2 hours)

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.