Senior Product Designer (UI/UX)

Hello everyone!

We are looking for a Senior Product Designer (UI/UX) in a NutriSense product startup, fully remote.

Further - more, in the Q&A.

What are we doing?

NutriSense is a data analysis software that analyzes your blood glucose response to food, exercise, stress, and sleep in real time using a glucose tracker (CGM). We work with a team of experienced nutritionists to provide the tools and support our users need to improve their quality of life.

The company is at the stage of active growth. NutriSense raised 2 investment rounds worth 7 million from Techstars, LAUNCH (Jason Calacanis), and Pin Capital.

Why are we doing this?

NutriSense's mission is to improve the quality of life for users.

Who You Are:

  • You fall in love with problems, not solutions. You’re always in search of a better, simpler, more elegant way.
  • You are strategic. You’re at home with wireframing, whiteboarding, and building information architecture. You love design systems and are comfortable working within them.
  • You see the big picture but sweat the details. You can appreciate a great idea but inconsistencies in products drive you crazy. You can’t help but be pixel-perfect.
  • You crave feedback. It makes your designs better, and you know that each person has a unique perspective that should be heard and considered.
  • You are a champion of your users. You feel that people deserve to have great experiences with your products. Failing the customer is never okay.
  • You believe in a mission. You’re motivated both by the quality of your craft and the outcomes delivered.

What You've Done:

  • You have 5+ years of experience in Product Design, UI/UX Design, or a similar role.
  • You’ve worked 3+ years for a consumer product company or a startup.
  • Your portfolio demonstrates your user-centered designs across a variety of mobile and web applications.
  • You’ve done user research and have a proven track record of data-driven product decisions.
  • You’re a Figma wizard and proficient in Adobe Creative Suite.
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

What to do in the project (upcoming challenges)?

  • Deeply understand our customers. You’ll obsess over user research to become an expert on the challenges our customers face navigating their health journey.
  • Collaborate with Product Managers on product discovery and user research.
  • Collaborate to build solutions. You’ll work across stakeholders and technical teams to build world-class products around our users' needs.
  • Design and iterate. You’ll mock up solutions, test with users, keep what’s working and discard what's not. Lather, rinse, repeat until the product is right.
  • Build it. You’ll sit shoulder-to-shoulder with engineers to bring the product to life. Your keen eye for details and design helps translate the product from prototype to reality.
  • Share your work. You’ll present your ideas regularly to creative peers, engineers, and key stakeholders (including senior leadership).
  • Lead us to the best ideas. You’ll channel the creativity of our team members across the company.

Growth/development prospects for this position?

You will gain experience in bringing healthcare products to the global market. Growth opportunity from individual contributor to design manager.

Why was the position opened?

Our company is growing and the number of users is increasing at the same time. We need a specialist who will create a comfortable design for the future highload of the product.

Team size and structure?

As part of the Product Design team, you will work closely with product managers, designers, other stakeholders and the development team.

Your direct manager will be the Head of Product Design.

Who works for us?

Head of Product Design, with vast experience in product creation, product discovery & UX research - Alla Bielikova

Lead Visual Designer and Art Director with 10 years of experience designing design systems for brands such as Fox, Disney, Gatorade, Adidas and Nike - Bryce Travis.

The conditions:

  • Is there a probation and how long does it last? - There is no concept of probation.
  • Overtime, how often, what is the payment approach? - The team has intensive startup work.
  • What is the work schedule? - Flexible working hours (overlaps are required on US central time from 8.00 to 12.00, in Ukraine it is from 16.00 to 20.00).
  • Is it possible to work remotely? - Vacancy is completely remote.
  • Number of vacation days? - By agreement.
  • Is there a prospect of business trips, and where? - Not provided in the short term.
  • Social package (medical insurance, other)? The company is ready to compensate for the costs of insurance, coworking, equipment, and payment of options.

The process:

  • Is there a take-home test? - No.
  • Interview in English? - Yes.
  • How many stages of the interview?

1) Intro call with the hiring manager (background & experience + portfolio overview) - 45min 

2) Live design exercise - 2h

  • Past work screening - 30 min (Be prepared to deep dive into 1 recent project you have worked on in detail, preferably one that has shipped.) We’ll provide more details on this step later in the process to the candidates who are selected.
  • App critique - 20-30 min.
  • Break - 5-10 min
  • Sketching session - 30-45 min.

3) Final call with the CEO - 30 min

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.