User Acquisition Manager

Hello everyone!

We are looking for a User Acquisition Manager in a JOB TODAY product company, remote.

Who are we?

JOB TODAY is Europe's #1 app for finding and hiring people working in the service industry. We are a successful and profitable startup with big plans to conquer the global market and an excellent product and engineering team. Our office is located in the heart of Europe, in Luxembourg. We are growing and we need people to do this – for now on a remote basis, but when the pandemic is over, we will be happy to help you move (if you want).

What are we doing?

Our goal is to help people find jobs faster and employers to hire employees in a matter of days. And all this without routine and thousand bureaucratic details that the hiring process is usually famous for! Our slogan is “Find a job in 24 hours” because we believe that 24 hours is the time in which we can change one’s life for the better. And this is the key idea around which all our tasks and decisions are built.

Our application is used by more than 10 million people and this number is constantly growing.

What makes us special and why should you choose us?

We have a minimum of bureaucracy and formal, unnecessary processes. The structure is flat, all issues are resolved quickly and simply.

We are a team of involved people, where everyone contributes to the common goal, understands what and why we are doing, how it affects the business, and what we want to achieve. Planning is bottom-up, we use the OKR process, in which the company's period goals are fixed, and the methods for achieving them are in the hands of the team itself.

How old is the project? What stage is it at?

Our product is already 5 years old, and we are in a state of scale-up – we have an active client base in Europe, a proven business model and big plans to improve the product and expand the functionality.

What interesting challenges are we currently working on?

Now one of our main priorities is the growth of the user base, both employers and candidates. We are planning launches in new cities and countries, connecting new verticals in existing markets, and active marketing for the current audience.

What to do in the project?

  • Launch and monitor advertising campaigns, optimize them for the specified KPIs, and evaluate effectiveness. We are trying to attract users to both the mobile app and its web version. Part of the tasks can be performed by contractors.
  • Manage the overall digital marketing budget.
  • Look for opportunities to scale current traffic sources, find and test new traffic sources.
  • Organize the production of creatives, participate in their release (partially you can use the internal resources of the company, partly – connect and organize external ones).
  • Analyze campaign data.
  • Together with the product team, look for the optimal user acquisition strategy – analyzing the funnel, attracting traffic, etc.

What skills are important to us?

  • Successful cases of attracting users to mobile and web applications. Ideally eCommerce/SaaS.
  • Ability to work with advertising networks. First of all, we need Google (UAC, Search, YT), Facebook, Apple SA, but we will be happy to try others.
  • Ability to work with tracking systems and analytics. We now have Appsflyer, Google Analytics, Firebase, and internal BI.
  • Understanding the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, knowledge of the main product metrics.
  • Ability to create working creatives and work with designers.

Would be a huge plus:

  • Experience working with a product development team.
  • Experience in the European/American market.
  • Team organization skills.
  • Experience in related areas of user acquisition – ASO, SEO, display/offline advertising, content, events.

Is English required and at what level?

English written/spoken – Upper-Intermediate or higher. This is the company’s official language, you need to write and communicate a lot.

Why was the position opened?

We are growing as a business and expanding our team to support this growth.

Team size and structure?

There are more than 50 people in different locations. Half of us is the product team: developers, PMs, analysts, QAs, Art Director. The marketing team is just starting to form, you will be our first marketer.

Who works with us?

Natalia Kurashkina, Pavel Brylov

Where are the people who make technical decisions on the project located?

We make most of the decisions as a team, the CEO is located in Luxembourg.

What are the growth prospects for this position?

At the moment, there are no other marketers, and there is company’s great desire to invest more in marketing. Immediately there will be an opportunity to be responsible for the entire digital strategy, with the prospect of increasing marketing budgets and solving larger tasks, for example, entering new markets and becoming a lead. There is an opportunity to participate in other areas of marketing / product+marketing / seo / content, everything is just being launched.

The conditions:

  • Is there a trial period and how long does it last? – 3 months.
  • What is the work schedule? – Flexible schedule.
  • Is it possible to work remotely? – Yes, work is completely remote.
  • Number of vacation days, sick days? – 20 working days of vacation, 10 days of sick leave.
  • Is there a prospect of business trips, and where? – Yes, business trips to Luxembourg are possible.

The process:

  • Is there a test task? – No.
  • Interview in English? – Yes, one of the interviews will be in English.
  • How many interview stages? – Intro with the recruiter, then 3-4 interviews with different team members, including a technical one.

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.